Province to carry out surveying and Mapping Law Publicity Day activities

August 29th is the implementation of the implementation of "Surveying and Mapping Law" amendment to People’s Republic of China thirteen anniversary day, in order to further strengthen the propaganda of the laws and regulations of Surveying and mapping geographic information, the more attention, understanding and support of mapping geographic information industry society, Provincial Bureau of Surveying and mapping geographic information related to geographical units in the central square of Xining launched the "Surveying and Mapping Law Publicity Day".

the publicity to establish the awareness of the national territory, safeguarding national sovereignty and security, geographical conditions monitoring for the state and the people, the development of geographic information industry in the country "as the theme. Activities through the knowledge contest, publicity panels, science and other ways to explain to the public to promote surveying and mapping knowledge, surveying and mapping services. This not only enhances the community understanding of Surveying and mapping laws and regulations, but also improve the awareness of the national territory of the people, to consciously safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity in real go into the hearts of the people.

"advocacy activities will vigorously promote the popularization of culture, knowledge of Surveying and mapping China map, an important role to let more people know about mapping geographic information in the economic and social development, and create a better environment for the development of Surveying and mapping geographic information industry." Lu Xiaoping, deputy director of the Provincial Bureau of Surveying and mapping geographic information at the scene said.  

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