Three factors to promote clothing prices

"In the past to spend five hundred or six hundred yuan to buy a nice clothes, now to buy a desirable winter need to spend thousands of dollars, the clothing prices rise." Recently, people in the street often hear people say. So, what is the reason for the clothing prices bullish? Reporters from the National Bureau of statistics, Xining investigation team was informed that the three main reasons for the rise in clothing prices. According to the National Bureau of statistics Xining investigation team survey, the total level of 1-11 months of this year, clothing prices rose 7.8%, mainly in: – clothing prices rose 8.5%, the men’s clothing prices rose 10.5%; women’s clothing prices rose 9.9%; children’s clothing prices fell 1.2%. Cap – footwear prices rose 6.1%, including men, women and children prices rose by 2.6%, 10.5% and 10.1%; socks, hat up price decline. Clothing processing service charges rose 10.4%, of which sewing, cleaning were up by 5.1%, respectively, the other prices were flat year on year. Main causes of clothing prices have three aspects: one is the rise in labor costs, labor costs rose in about 10% to 20%; two is the premises of rent increases in recent years, along with the commercial real estate rents rise is rising, which will eventually reflect to the clothing prices is three; the rising prices of raw materials. The above three factors push up the cost of garment manufacturing, leading to the surge in the price of clothing.  

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