Xining power supply company September 21st blackout notice

west power supply mediation word 20120912

due to the need for the transformation of the Xining power grid, the following areas of Xining need to power outages, notice is as follows, hope that the majority of users ready. Please forgive us for the inconvenience caused by power failure.

21 7:00~22 day 22:00

Hehuang switchstation: Hehuang town (white stop, late for


21 7:00~9:30

Shen Ba Lu: Qinghai power transmission company, Xining Albert Real Estate Development Co. Ltd. and other regions.

21 7:00~9:30

Shen twelve Road: Nanchuan Road, East Nanchuan area; television star station, Shen Zhai hospital, province of Xining water group, lighting factory, a Gas Co plant, Huangzhong hydropower development company, School of adult education, Xiangtang village, Star Village, village of Xin’an, Yuan Village Baoziwan area.

21 9:30~11:00

Shen Wu Lu: Shen Zhai area, China Mobile Ltd (Shen Zhai, Huangzhong station) three agricultural and sideline products Co. Ltd., Shen Xiang brick, Jiashuyuan Provincial Highway Bureau, Hongxing Village Nanchuan Road Subdistrict Office, Xining City West District, Jia Village West of Xining ginkgo brick factory, metal doors and windows factory, Hongxing village, West wool processing factory Lanzhou Jingye, decoration material Co. Ltd., Qinghai, Shen Qing Cun, Xining City Hongyuan cement products Co., Ltd. Qinghai Yuan Temple of Cordyceps, Xining Lantian mechanical processing limited liability company, Nanchuan Road Subdistrict Office Shen Zhai Cun Wei Hui, Qinghai Province, south of the city of Xining District Shen Zhai Xiang Fu Lu Xining Baichuan brick factory, metal products limited company, Shen Zhai village district, Xining Albert Concrete Co., Hongxing Village area.

21 9:30~11:00

Shen jiulu: Xining Albert Real Estate Development Company Limited, Qinghai Province Bureau of prisons and other areas.

21 9:30~11:00

Shen fifteen Road: Nanchuan Road, East Nanchuan area; Qinghai province sunshine plastic products Co. Ltd., Xining three Xin real estate company limited, Nanchuan Road Subdistrict Office Shen Zhai village, Xining winery, Hongguang Village, the city Bureau of Education (primary school in Qinghai Province, two) the first automobile transportation company, Xining Heng Shen Industrial Trade Co. the company, Limited by Share Ltd land comprehensive development in Xining City, Xining province automobile lamp factory, fishery environmental monitoring station, Hainan Yida Hydropower Development Co. Ltd., Qinghai Mingde trade limited company, Qinghai red scrap metal market limited liability company, China Mobile group Qinghai Co. Ltd. operation and maintenance center, Xining real Estate Group Co., Ltd., Qinghai cordyceps wine Co., Xining car factory, the City District of Xining City, South Gate metal welding repair department, the city of Xining City District brothers plastic factory, Xining City housing security and Housing Authority, Qinghai Iron Tower Manufacturing Co., ltd.;

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