Retired soldiers in the province this year resettlement work in full swing

according to the Ministry of civil affairs, military and political work of the "notice" on 2016 well arranged by the government over the resettlement of demobilized soldiers, May 3rd to 30, the Qinghai provincial Civil Affairs Department to seriously carry out in line with the government work condition of retired soldiers receive and file transfer service score performance quantification, has successfully completed the state assigned resettlement plan. So far, the province in 2016 retired soldiers resettlement work in full swing.

is in the first year of the national implementation of retired soldiers serving performance score to quantify, to do a good job with the government work conditions of the work of placement of ex soldiers, ensure the long service time, contribution of retired soldiers get priority placement, the provincial civil affairs department according to the actual situation of the Province, to take "three meet" three party also confirmed "way that is, I retired soldiers and transfer unit responsible person, the Civil Affairs Department staff on the spot at the same time, according to the records of raw materials for retired soldiers, service performance quantitative score on the score of the retired soldiers, the three parties also signed, to ensure strict censorship and transfer files of retired soldiers ordered and service performance score for the next fair step of resettlement of demobilized soldiers work to lay a solid foundation.


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