Adhere to the overall national security concept of the full implementation of the National Security

according to the provincial Party committee deployment, in April 15th, the provincial people’s Congress held in Qinghai province to implement the national security law forum. Ma Wei, deputy director of the provincial people’s Congress attended the meeting and delivered a speech. The meeting conveyed the spirit of the instructions of the Secretary Luo Huining. Provincial units, cities and counties, the provincial people’s Congress, the provincial authorities responsible comrades and experts and scholars attended the meeting.

Ma Wei fully affirmed the province’s national security work carried out in accordance with the law over the years remarkable results. In the provincial Party committee pointed out that under the strong leadership, all localities and departments and units and the masses of all ethnic groups, with political responsibility, in accordance with the law firm to perform their duties and obligations, making positive efforts to safeguard national security and maintain the social harmony and stability of the political situation.

Ma Wei stressed the need to conscientiously study the important instructions to implement the general secretary Xi Jinping in the first national security education to the spirit, according to the Secretary Luo Huining instructions required by the overall national security concept as a guide, the full implementation of the national security law, safeguarding national security law. Provincial State organs should strictly perform their duties in accordance with the law, strengthen local legislation, law enforcement and justice, law and law governance, etc., to ensure the full implementation of the law. Specialized agencies should give full play to the role of the role of precise policy force, strict prevention, and resolutely stop and crack down on all kinds of crimes against national security and sabotage. Organizations at all levels and all citizens should conscientiously fulfill their legal obligations, the formation of a strong force to safeguard national security, in order to ensure the country’s long-term stability and make new contributions.


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