Municipal Party Committee Organization Department to convey the spirit of learning when the Commissi

December 30, 2011, the Party Organization Department held a special meeting to convey to study and implement the eleven session of the eleven provincial and municipal thirteen plenary meeting of the two session of the spirit, and put forward specific requirements will make the organization work in 2012.

meeting the requirements of the current organization system to take various forms, quickly set off to study the spirit of the provinces and cities boom, from the middle school thought, speech Enlightenment ideas, grasping the details and grasp quality, grasping the foundation, seeking long-term, more proactive, initiative and self-consciousness, and strive to improve the organization of the "fine" level. Create a new situation in the work of the organization.

meeting of the overall arrangement of the organization of the city’s work in 2012: first, to strengthen the theory of armed, so that the new leadership of the new tree after the new style, a new image, a new. Two is to strengthen the leadership and cadres, cadres to focus on the management mechanism and the formation of public opinion system. Three is to actively deepen the reform of the cadre and personnel system, and strive to achieve an open vision of selecting cadres, open and fair use of talent. The four is to further promote chuangxianzhengyou activity, make chuangxianzhengyou become public spirit. Five is to vigorously carry out grassroots organizations to create activities. Six is the full implementation of long-term talent development planning. Seven is to strengthen the construction of their own departments, and strive to build a model department, to create an excellent team.


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