North District take measures to promote employment post development

one is to increase the number of channels to promote employment and re employment. Through the creation of daycare, childcare, beauty salons, darning sewing, appliance repair, housekeeping services and other convenience services, actively recruiting a part of culture, high quality good "4050" workers and laid-off workers, helping them to achieve employment. Up to now, the realization of 4050 personnel and laid-off workers and other difficult to re employment of 700 people, all kinds of unemployed re employment of more than 3419 people, to achieve the goal of the task of 114%. Continue to rely on enterprises to promote employment, establish long-term cooperation mechanism to strengthen cooperation between enterprises and employment north, active site service, actively provide fairs, for enterprises and laid-off workers signed the contract and other preferential policies to help achieve employment, by carrying out various re employment assistance activities, has jurisdiction for the unemployed, migrant workers and college graduates held a "employment assistance" and "spring action", "private enterprise recruitment week" special recruitment 7, total entry 163 enterprises, marketing, accounting, computer technology, mechanical technology, drivers and other 5440 jobs, the number of job seekers more than 3100 people, reached employment intentions of 540 people. Continue to organize the implementation of vocational training programs, and actively organize vocational skills training 2778 people, to support the entrepreneurial team of 125, driven by the employment of 437 people. At the same time, 5 city and Jiaxing Economic Development Zone, Zhejiang Province, Jiaxing port (county) people club Department signed a cooperation agreement for human resources, human resources cooperation to establish a regional strategic advantage of resources and jobs, to achieve a win-win situation play a role.

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