North District Education inspection room to check the Chaoyang control stop learning work

to do a good job "kongchuo Bao Xue", continue to consolidate and improve the quottwo basicsquotis, Chengbei district education supervision department for special supervision and inspection of Chaoyang belonged to the middle school "kongchuo Bao Xue".
check group by listening to the report, check information and discussion, on the area of Chaoyang School and school and "kongchuo Bao" work carried out careful inspection. The inspection group of the area’s "kongchuo Bao" work fully affirmed that the school district is at the joint part of the urban and rural areas, the students scattered kongchuo school work is difficult, but the "kongchuo Bao Xue" attaches great importance to the work, the measures are effective, focused, especially the year remains high the dropout, control at zero, it is not easy, recommendations to increase the area of "kongchuo Bao Xue" efforts in the future, do not miss, do not rebound, continue to consolidate the "two basics" results.


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