Flood control work is related to thousands of families

June 4th, municipal committee, Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Secretary Cao Jiansong, municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman, Secretary of municipal Party Committee United Front Work Department Liu Fade line Chengguan deep town Huangyuan County, Dahua town to check flood prevention work carried out, listen to the Huangyuan county government flood control work report, inspected the flood warning system operation, flood control material reserves, Huangshui River the river basin governance, governance River bay.

Cao Jiansong fully affirmed the flood control work in Huangyuan, and made four demands: first, to enhance awareness of prevention. The flood control work is a life project, the relationship between thousands of households, cadres at all levels should attach great importance to effectively eliminate the careless thinking, adhere to prevention, improve emergency plans, to do preventive work in extreme weather. Two to continue to do the investigation and management. To organize a special force again on a comprehensive investigation of the County Township dangerous sections, to further strengthen the organization and leadership, to refine the division of tasks, a clear responsibility and accountability unit. Three to do the early warning, flood monitoring and information transfer. Meteorology, water and other departments should pay close attention to changes in weather and precipitation, pay attention to play the role of village level organizations and grassroots cadres and the masses, timely detection of signs, tendencies and hidden dangers. To strengthen the emergency response team training, inspection plan, summarize the good experiences and good practices, identify gaps, make up for the deficiencies, ensure that the disaster can get tough, use on. Four to strengthen publicity. Take a variety of forms to carry out flood control and disaster prevention education, strengthen the masses flood defense and disaster prevention and mitigation awareness.


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