Xining City area for enterprises to solve problems

in order to further implement the national and provincial and municipal policies and measures to support small and micro enterprise development, the city area of careful preparation, meticulous planning, "the smooth development of enterprises, help steady growth, structural adjustment" activities to create conditions.

City area following the July 31st held "to help enterprises, steady growth, structural adjustment" activities after mobilization, in order to make aid activities more scientific and systematic, and formulated the "Chengzhong district for the" help enterprises, steady growth and adjust the structure of the "implementation plan", a clear leadership group, Park Group Industrial Group, agriculture and animal husbandry group, third industry groups and other organizations, to refine the activities of procedure and corresponding work mechanism. And from all sectors of the region to deploy 30 high quality business, style excellent staff, led by the district leadership of the 5, to help enterprises to carry out activities. At the same time, in terms of work discipline, assessment mechanism, the staff made strict requirements to ensure the effectiveness of helping activities.

at the same time, the city and the provincial and municipal district actively helping the working group on docking, identified a list of 41 companies first aid, to carry out targeted aid, effectively solve the difficulties and problems existed in the development of the enterprise. (author: Sheng Nan)



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