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bus as an indispensable daily travel, has been the subject of public concern, and perplexing traffic, "a car difficult, such as car slow" phenomenon have occurred, but from time to time to haunt the majority of people travel. In order to further improve the bus service, convenient public travel, September 25th, Xining city public transportation department will carry out the "bus priority and convenience" as the theme of the public open day activities, let more people to offer suggestions for city bus.

I go to work every day to transfer, from time to time will be late, some cars are too slow, and some cars are too difficult, and now has a city bus, more convenient." Zhou, who lives in the bay area of Roca said that before she went to Chaoyang to work, on the way to transfer, it is very troublesome, and now opened a lot of city bus fast convenient.

it is understood that the bus 25 to carry out the "bus priority and convenience" as the theme of the open day activities, will allow the public to experience in the search for the causes of brainstorming, the event will be respectively at Simon (Road North), Grand Cross (Road North), Central Plaza (Yangtze River Lu Xice), Huang Guang (Lu Nance four) a bus station set up publicity, arrange staff to hanging banners, distributing leaflets way to promote "low-carbon transportation, green travel" concept to the majority of passengers. And in the four bus station set up advice desk, on the bus service, traffic safety, line and so on to the public for advice. At the same time, the west side of the road in the west of the village of salt community and the masses face to face communication, on the bus line network layout, traffic safety, driving services, etc., to listen to the views of residents. (author: Wang Chengying)

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