To build an accurate understanding of the people X machine to prevent cadres sick promoted Qinghai

fully implement strictly, strict supervision and management of cadres, strengthen and improve the work of selecting and appointing cadres, effectively prevent cadres sick promoted, recently, Qinghai province "to prevent the opinions of cadres sick promoted" (referred to as the "opinions") Yin Fashi, former forward examination, strengthen checks to further clarify the selection and appointment of cadres of all the main responsibility for the responsibility of cadres to prevent sick promoted set up a "firewall".

clear the main responsibility, strict accountability. Opinions clear, Party committees at all levels (party) to strengthen the selection and employment of the leadership and gatekeeper role, and earnestly fulfill the main responsibility. Party committees (party) secretary bear the responsibility of the first responsible person, and the Commission for Discipline Inspection (discipline inspection team leader) in the case of the proposed promotion of the case of self regulatory and self signed conclusion. Responsible for the organization and personnel departments directly responsible, responsible for the nomination, the better to move off, the qualification examination, inspection procedures, to prevent mis. The discipline inspection and supervision organs responsible for oversight responsibility, to promptly and truthfully to the organization and personnel departments feedback about cadres to master abide by party disciplines, to reflect the candidates to be promoted clear clues, the specific content of the report timely investigation and verification, and the concluding observations. The implementation of cadres sick promoted accountability, where the sick promoted problem, organization and personnel departments at all levels of cadres supervision institutions to "select the sick promoted cadres appointment process to carry out the investigations, check the motion to the main work of cadres of all aspects of the situation and to identify, and held responsible person’s responsibility. The adverse impact from the cadres sick promoted, continuous or large area of cadres sick promoted the held party committees (party) the main responsibility of the person in charge.

strengthen the daily understanding, focus on analysis and evaluation. "Opinions" requirements, organization and personnel departments at all levels to broaden the understanding of cadres channels, timely grasp the integrity and cadres’ Ideological Status and important status and reputation of the masses. To establish and improve the cadre supervision information daily contact notification mechanism, build information platform of supervision and management of cadres, timely collect audit, discipline inspection and supervision, public security, safety supervision and inspection, letters, and other departments and agencies and discipline supervision information, build accurate selection of knowledge of human machine, "X" for strict management and supervision, training and selection of cadres to prevent, and provide important reference for the cadres sick promoted. To establish a comprehensive analysis of the cadre system, combined with leadership cadres of political quality, moral character, style of performance, fulfill the selection using a comprehensive analysis function, self-discipline and 8 hours outside performance periodically or


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