Xining nextrecord set pollution hard task to accept the public full supervision

  in order to make the city ambient air quality continues to improve, Xining city in accordance with the provincial government and municipal requirements, with strict control, strengthen responsibility, strict accountability asked a series of initiatives as the starting point, take measures to promote the completion of hard hard task. In September 29th, the municipal government issued "on the implementation of the city’s comprehensive pollution control measures focus on the division of responsibility" to the construction scheme, site management, road dust control, regional key pollution concentration and control, vehicle exhaust pollution control, pollution source of industrial enterprises governance, accountable and other key measures to effect a refinement of details. "Rules", and to the public, the general public to accept full supervision.

on the implementation of the comprehensive management of air pollution in the city

key measures of the division of responsibilities

according to the provincial government and party leaders to fully implement the spirit of the instructions, "complete the hard task of" measures in hard work requirements, combined with the municipal government "on the issuance of Xining City air pollution control action plan notice" requirements, in order to further implement the responsibility of departments and regions, a clear time limit, to promote a comprehensive air pollution control key measures for the implementation of the comprehensive management of air pollution, will focus on measures to quantify, refine, we hereby make the following arrangements.

a strict construction site management

to the city’s construction, demolition sites and commercial concrete enterprise dust pollution prevention as the focus, the use of a month to focus on the implementation of the dust control measures. The implementation of closed construction Weidang construction site; pavement hardening and sprinkler dust; all kinds of reactor materials (slag) all enclosed storage or full coverage, muck and garbage storage specification construction specifications; washing platform to play muck (materials) transport vehicles for washing, and resolutely put an end to the phenomenon of mud on the road. Increase the dust control measures are not in place to investigate and deal with the site, prompting the construction unit to actively implement measures to prevent dust pollution, construction, demolition site five 100% work objectives. On earth excavation, construction sites do not meet the requirements of dust prevention and control standards shall not apply for construction permits; not reach the dust prevention and control standards of the existing construction sites, commercial concrete enterprises to implement a deadline for rectification. (lead unit: Municipal Construction Committee, municipal housing bureau responsible person: Wang Senlin, Li Zhijian: the county government responsibility unit, the Lake District Management Committee, Xining economic and Technological Development Zone, the Industrial Park Administrative Committee responsible person: the county government, CMC principal leaders of < /p>)

two, strengthen road dust control

(a) to take effective measures to strengthen urban construction waste, garbage transport management, control of road dust sources. All transport vehicles must be closed, cleaning and other dust control measures; since October 1, 2013, the muck transport vehicles to implement the airtight transport; the city’s key sections of the responsibility of the contract,;

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