Provincial governance institutions to eat empty rates

Reporters from the Ministry of human resources and social security department was informed that, in accordance with the national requirements on institutions "eat empty rates" centralized management problems, from the beginning of this year in early January, I carry out a comprehensive "eat empty rates special governance issues in various organs and institutions.

, according to the requirements of governance, to find out eating empty rates units and personal problems, must be strictly dealt with clean up. The organs and institutions accounted for "eat empty rates, recovery of eating empty rates funds, subtract the appropriate preparation, budget and funds; to eat empty rates when the staff, according to the actual situation were given repaying and termination of human relations, the relationship between wage verification processing units and personnel in"; eating empty rates issue the work of governance, concealing, discipline violations, do things carelessly resort to deceit, to strictly pursue the responsibility, and depending on the circumstances to be informed; to cause "leaders eat empty rates and responsible personnel responsible for Party discipline, government responsibility, suspected of illegal crime, should be promptly transferred the judicial organ.

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