Qinghai Central European class starting soon

reporter recently saw at the scene, Qinghai Himalaya Home Furnishing Co. Ltd., Qinghai zangyang carpet Group Co., Ltd. and Qinghai source Ling organic agricultural science and Technology Development Co. Ltd. in the warehouse, with nearly 50 "central trains" unified brand logo of the special railway container is loaded and carpet – Xining – Antwerp wolfberry Belgium’s first trip central Europe trains plan September 8th heading from Xining to belgium.

it is understood that the work for the successful completion of the goods train assembly, customs clearance of goods, goods and transport equipment inspection and quarantine, transport organization, logistics services, led by the Provincial Department of Commerce, Xining customs, Qinghai entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau, the Provincial State Taxation Bureau, China Railway Container Transport limited liability company subsidiary, Tibet the Qinghai Tibet railway company, Qinghai Himalaya Furniture Co. Ltd. and other relevant units and enterprises, all in accordance with the overall plan of actively preparing for the train. In order to simplify the procedures, the relevant import and export enterprises and we signed a "paperless customs clearance" agreement, means the export enterprise can through the electronic reporting way to complete all customs clearance operations, the relevant enterprises to complete the declaration, and accept the inspection by customs in Xining, equivalent to complete the customs clearance formalities most." Xining customs staff said.

It is reported that

, the central trains to the characteristics of goods in our province of Belgium, notably Germany and the Qinghai Himalaya wolfberry carpet Co., Home Furnishing carpet has 42 container, accounting for most of the transport of goods. Himalaya company official told reporters that before the sea is usually, before and after 2 months, while the train is only about 12 days.

the train starting from Xining via Gansu, double walled logistics center, exit from Alashankou, via Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Germany, finally arrived in Belgium’s second largest city of Antwerp, across 6 countries, a distance of about 9838 km, of which, at 2644 km, the foreign section of 7194 kilometers, which lasted 12 days that is at least 40 days shortened shipping. The Commerce Department of the relevant personnel, the "European trains CDB, Qinghai is a positive response to the national" The Belt and Road "development strategy, to better serve economic and social development in Qinghai, an important measure to help enterprises to" go out ", to further promote the Qinghai foreign trade transformation and development, has very important significance to construct open economic system.


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