The truth and power of service convergence

As the Department of agriculture, Datong County farming and poverty alleviation and Development Bureau (hereinafter referred to as the "Datong County Agricultural Bureau) party to unite and lead all Party members and cadres and workers, give full play to the role of the two sector" and advantages, remember the purpose of the party, and strive to practice the party’s mass line, take various effective measures to actively promote the county the pace of the development of modern agriculture, and achieved a new achievement, a powerful force brought together by hard work.

in order to implement the party’s mass line in place, Datong county agriculture and Animal Husbandry Bureau by mail, telephone and other ways, asked the government to the people, ask for the people, ask for people, at the same time on the "four winds" and other issues in the internal organs, rural workplace, solicit opinions and suggestions take effective measures for rectification and implementation, revise and improve the rules and regulations. Based on the comments on the organization to carry out in-depth investigation, at the end of the village and farm Kang, with the village cadres and the masses to confabulate and household surveys and other methods, grasp the actual production situation and future development of the village planning and the existing difficulties and problems.

true rural services

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