The province’s refined oil market special rectification work teleconference held

9 22, the province’s refined oil market special rectification work teleconference held in Xining, the meeting on the specific work of the specific arrangements for the deployment. Vice governor Kuang Yong attended and spoke.

meeting pointed out that refined oil is an important commodity and strategic materials related to the national economy and the people’s livelihood. The safe and stable supply of refined oil is directly related to the stability of the market economic order, the vital interests of the people and the safety of life and property. But in recent years, driven by the interests of our province, the poor, does not meet the environmental requirements of the oil circulation, non-standard oil, poor oil in the market, disrupting the order of the oil market, but also seriously harm the interests of consumers.

meeting the requirements of various areas, the relevant departments from the maintenance of the order of the province’s oil market level, effectively to guarantee quality and safety of oil products as consumers safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of people’s livelihood, the oil market special rectification work in an important agenda, rapid action, take practical and effective measures to concentrate all forces, to grasp the special focus on remediation work.

the meeting stressed that the special rectification work involves a wide range of difficulty, requires all localities and departments in close coordination and cooperation, local governments at all levels should implement local management responsibility, the city state, county government for the special rectification work within the administrative areas of responsibility, strengthen departmental interaction, a comprehensive diagnostic investigation, strengthen information communication and extensive propaganda and mobilization, strengthen supervision and inspection, to ensure that the special rectification work to achieve the desired effect.


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