Xining public security network monitoring detachment remediation mobile phone mobile phone market co

Xining City Public Security Bureau supervisor detachment to carry out a unified campaign to mobile phone market, mobile phone to contain pornographic information.

reporter: the audience friends, here is the Xining Tongren Road mobile phone market in December 11th, according to the unified deployment, Xining City Public Security Bureau network monitoring department separately, the focus of the market, the city of Xining mobile phone electronic market and the integration of urban and rural maintenance according to the law of the mobile phone download network raid.

network monitoring Xining City Public Security Bureau police detachment Ma Bing:


horse: individual illegal traders in order to attract him to do what the machine, there will be some illegal or bad information.

(recording only)

: do you want to download something to attract you?

horse: find this, and then look for its source, from where it is not in the mobile site.

reporter: these things (pornography) is mainly profitable.

network monitoring Xining City Public Security Bureau deputy brigade commander Deng Zengxue said that since the province’s public security organs network security departments to combat remediation special action pornographic mobile phone website, has been to Xining and surrounding the mobile phone market and electronic market were examined, at present, large and medium-sized mobile phone stores and electronic market basically no illegal operation. But we must also strengthen the scattered remote mobile phone repair and download network supervision and inspection.


urban high and some scattered mobile phone repair industry caused inconvenience to the management of public security organs, public security organs and culture of several joint regular inspection or random manner, large-scale operations carried out three times, received some results.

it is understood that in December 11th, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau network monitoring department has 9 mobile phone market, 3 electronic market, 6 mobile phone service outlets to download checks, pornographic information being withheld 3 computers, found more than and 900 pornographic images, video more than and 600. In this regard, the police will make further identification, depending on the circumstances in accordance with the law.


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