nventory visitors love to visit Xining five street

A cool breeze, colorful delicacy, unique scenery, has become a beautiful bright summer label. With the arrival of the tourist season, people often see tourists strolling in Xining which is in the high streets and back lanes, tourists will come to the land? In recent days, the reporter after an investigation, inventory of the five most popular tourist streets in Xining.

is a delicacy in the street Mo street outside eyes, on behalf of the Xining special delicacy here almost can be found, enter the tourist season, here all day filled with cries and laughter, lively and extraordinary. Eat a bowl of mellow yogurt, a variety of attractive products a variety of snacks, from the tip of the tongue feel Xining.

to Limeng Commercial Pedestrian Street Lane, feel is a one-stop shopping experience to bring the thrill of fashion. Here to build a core area of the city of Xining intelligent complex, groundbreaking set up nearly a thousand brands settled. Tourists here, not only to experience the Qinghai national customs and characteristics of snacks, but also people smell the forefront of fashion breath.

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