Business services into the campus entrepreneurship welfare platform

innovation and Entrepreneurship Policy in 2016 will be implemented in various provinces and municipalities, to help more entrepreneurs to start a successful business, to promote the province’s economic development, entrepreneurship driven employment, so that more people live a well-off life.

by the Provincial Department of human resources and social, the Provincial Department of Education jointly organized the 2016 Henan province university students entrepreneurship services into campus activities started in March 26th at the Huanghe Science and Technology College in Zhengzhou. According to the plan, this year, provincial and municipal levels of human society, the education department and the relevant universities will work together to further promote the Henan province college students start to lead the program implementation, create a more strong public venture, the highly innovative atmosphere, students can enjoy free entrepreneurship training, entrepreneurship subsidies, helping entrepreneurs get paid, exchange of entrepreneurial achievements as more business benefits.

entrepreneurial culture in campus. This year, our province will also organize business training teachers and college students venture into the campus Entrepreneurship Forum held typical activities, carry out the province’s colleges and universities students entrepreneurial achievement exchange, further fostering "advocating entrepreneurship, rewarding success and failure tolerance" business culture environment, let the entrepreneurial culture rooted in the campus.

to start the ceremony, the leaders of 10 students’business representatives issued a business loan guarantee certificate, issued a letter of appointment for the public entrepreneurship expert group of the first expert advisor.

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