How to deal with the Hong Kong and Macao pass

students summer vacation, many parents want to use the holiday to bring children to Hong Kong and Macao tourism, but how to deal with the Hong Kong and Macao pass is not too clear, the relevant issues are published as follows.

application conditions

to participate in the National Tourism Administration designated travel agencies to travel to Hongkong or Macao, with the tour group out of Hongkong or Macao.

application materials

1 completed and submitted by the applicant affixed recent bareheaded color photos (48× 33mm) of the "Hong Kong and Macao application form", apply again, submit the "eep";

2 residents of the household registration booklet, the original identity card, and submit a copy.

management procedures

the first application, the applicant shall I apply, but the applicant under 16 years of age or over 60 years of age, can apply on behalf of the client; accepted the same sector, with the same "eep" re apply for team travel endorsement personnel can apply on behalf of the client.


, Hong Kong and Macao pass 100 yuan, a team travel endorsement of $20, the two team travel endorsement $40.

processing time

for the first time, in 15 working days to issue the Hong Kong and Macao pass and endorsement, apply again, within 10 working days to issue endorsements.


applicant permanent residence of the public security organs exit entry administration.


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