Huangyuan County Rural Population Cultural Park to benefit the masses

in order to further improve the new era of population and family planning work, optimization planning advocacy outdoor environment population, create a warm and harmonious family planning publicity atmosphere, the new concept of marriage vigorously spread of science, civilization and progress, promote new fertility culture, recently, in the Kesuer mountain village of Huangyuan county built the first large rural population culture park.

Cultural Park in Huangyuan county rural population into the rich culture and beautiful natural scenery, folk customs and local culture, harmony. With the new rural construction, to keep pace with the times, the role of new rural construction, become a beautiful scenery line. At the same time to the population culture, infection and enlightenment, to meet the growing spiritual and cultural needs, promote people to set up the new progress, the concept of marriage and childbearing. On this basis, the sun and the moon, Xiang central, close to 109 National Highway, to the role of strong radiation of new rural construction in Huangyuan County of key demonstration village – Kesuer village population cultural park. The newly built population culture garden "to promote a new culture, building a harmonious society" as the theme, the population culture and regional culture of organic integration, through the discharge lamp, stainless steel sculpture, billboards, painted wall and other forms of cultural expression to highlight the "population and harmony" theme.

Population Culture Park, so that the masses enjoy the large population and high grade culture, for students, harmonious population culture, showing the people together and build a happy family circle good wishes, add a beautiful color for the promotion of culture in the population of Huangyuan County, become the cultural landscape and the unique spot in Tibet the road has a beautiful scenery line of population culture and new rural construction of spiritual civilization. (author: Luo Hongmei)