Shop decoration to local conditions

although many shopkeepers now know the importance of shop decoration, but also willing to spend money in this effort. However, not all of the shops need to be renovated upscale, but also need to consider the location of the combination of oh. Practice has proved that the store location, decoration style, in the eyes of mobile customers is very important.

originally, the location of the store where the election, the owner is bound to consider the surrounding fixed population is not much, the flow of people is not large and other factors, which is no doubt. For the shop decoration, a lot of people think that everything depends on the commodity, the external things are secondary; or that the more luxurious can reflect the grade and grade, the more let customers rest assured. As everyone knows, if you can not according to the environment to reasonably arrange the decoration, you are likely to become the eyes of the eyes of the flow of foreign customers, even if the position is superior, the crowd again intensive.

, for example, if you choose to shop next to a construction site, there are construction workers, and you have to store decoration beautiful decoration, give a person a kind of "are selling high-grade cigarette, the reception is noble" impression. Imagine, for a day of work, dusty workers, high-grade cigarette and noble sense of self is too far away from their own, so every time "ashamed" hurried, buy need to walk a long way, you do not want to enter the store.

and if you shop in high-grade office building next to the store, but the store space is narrow, careless about dressing "chaos, shop signs eclipsed bleak from official or business people may find it difficult to self-worth to your store to buy cigarettes.

cited examples may not be entirely appropriate, but I believe this truth we have to understand. Of course, these two examples are more extreme. However, as people always love their friends and like-minded people, consumers also love to shop to buy goods with their own identity, therefore, the decoration store, we must consider the surrounding crowd, choose the appropriate style. Only let the customer feel your heart, feel comfortable, they will open the door to come in.

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