What conditions need to meet to join dumplings

in the China diet culture is there will be some never zero industry, although they are not unique taste, style is not attractive, but the food is Chinese can not give up, such as dumplings. Dumplings originated in ancient China Sui and Tang Dynasties period, about more than 1 thousand and 400 years ago, is the quintessence of Chinese. The northern people like dumplings as a staple food, the proverb goes "comfortable but backwards, but delicious dumplings". Although the southern people to eat rice based, but also as a snack dumplings and complementary food. Since dumplings are accepted by most people in China, will there be any infinite business opportunities in


Daniang dumpling restaurant group Limited by Share Ltd was founded in April 2, 1996, more than and 10 years, into the fashion element with nearly two thousand years of traditional culture Boiled dumplings, "dumplings" has been in Nanjing, Shanghai, Beijing and other hundreds of city opened more than and 300 chain stores, is to Boiled dumplings as the main product, the integration of Western fast food concept, is committed to the price of civilians, quality standardization, modernization of management, brand internationalization of Chinese fast-food chain enterprises.

company has now formed a management system for its own development and the theory of "six positioning". The company’s total operating area of 40000 square meters, with more than 18 thousand seats, up to more than 5 thousand employees. Ranked forty-fifth in the year 2004 Chinese hundred catering chain enterprises; Chinese was listed as "fast food cooking association committee China fast-food chain ten big famous brand enterprise" in order to develop committed to a higher quality, the fast-food chain dumplings are invited to join


joined the dumplings to meet what conditions?

1. has the ability to independently bear civil liability, good conduct, no criminal record, food and beverage business qualifications and valid business license, the relevant license.

2. aunt dumplings identity of corporate culture and business philosophy, product trademarks, cognitive aunt dumplings.

3. has a good reputation and credit, capital adequacy, with liquidity of RMB 500 thousand yuan or more, have the ability to assume market risk.

4. in the city has plenty of busy downtown bustling places suitable for fast food sales.

5. is willing to accept the company’s joining methods and conditions, the company commissioned the franchise store operations management.

6. has a strong ability to coordinate social and public relations.

the above is the simple introduction of dumplings join conditions, if you want to join this food item, and to meet the above conditions, then please message in our website below, we will contact you in the first time to see the message.


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