Linyi Cuijiayu increase online and offline publicity

many people know that now people want to do business, we must learn to operate electricity supplier, for the majority of consumers, the electricity supplier for more entrepreneurs. Linyi city Yishui County Cuijiayu town outstanding talents, professional talents, of affection cited before, continuous innovation and open up new channels to attract and recruit talents exchange, the economic and social development of Yishui county to join a group of high-level creative talent.

it is understood that since 2015, Cuijiayu town is the introduction of entrepreneurial talent 13, innovation project 16. The introduction of the China University of Mining and Technology graduate, the general manager of Haian National Chemical Industry Co. Ltd. Wang Guocai, with funding, with technical success in the establishment of two companies, now the factory construction basically completed, is expected to total production will form the sales of about 225 million yuan.

for the construction of the home is better, we offer a variety of services, strengthen the Linyi city Cuijiayu town publicity promotion through home brochures, manuals and other service personnel, at the same time, the number of public occasion to Internet to promote innovation, let the talent work to achieve online and offline two hand, effectively promote the "Zhaocaiyinzhi" solid work in order to carry out.

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