The retail store also continue to do the management work of all business

now has a lot of retail store owners aware of the importance of management, but also willing to do the work in this area, but can not insist, leading to long-term development of the store can not. No, that’s a problem. Hello everyone, I have a 400 square meters of the supermarket, the annual rent of 120 thousand, and now sales of $6000 – $7000 per day. The main problem is that goods piling up too messy, expired food too much, the customer flow less, because of low profits, operating in half-dead. Please boss weapon, thank you.

The main symptoms of

operating in passive confidence lost what is

prescription main taste to find the problem in the Bureau of Wang happy

shop like marathon

laughs last not easy

want to operate more prosperous

must work hard


ran into "half-dead" goods piled up over the chaos, expired food too much, too little, the customer flow operating profit is too low. See the problem which appears a few words, let Xiaobian not to think of two words, these two words should be carey pondering the question, and should find the answer in the actual operation, in order to let business gradually return to normal, and go back to the orbit, otherwise, a long time will change without operation shop, a fall down again, and finally to put up the shutters of the situation.

what two words so mysterious, you talk so much why not come up with the answer. In fact, we all know, not to tell you the answer now, I just want you to carey read this article, something mysterious, otherwise, how can I be so simple answer to a bowl of soup. The answer is not urgent, we first look at the reasons for your problems, find the root cause, the answer will come out naturally.

your current operating conditions as the pride of a child there is a problem in the process of growing up, see the child kept down, mom wants to pull the back, go back to the right way, it can not find the turning point of their thinking, impatience, heart uncomfortable is normal. Maybe you feel that I am not so appropriate metaphor, how can the supermarket and the child. Yes, you listen to me carey, you will know that the metaphor is too appropriate.

think that year, when the supermarket as early as the child came to the world. You are happy, and everyone is happy. Take care of themselves, carey afraid of falling, afraid of hot, afraid of hungry. This is the beginning of the opening of a period of prosperity. Product quality first, price flexibility first, customer satisfaction first, service enthusiasm first.

has a good care of you, with everyone

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