Entrepreneurial projects should pay attention to what kind of entrepreneurial trap three

under the current business environment, all kinds of entrepreneurs trap a lot, as investors, only to avoid these pitfalls, development can make your career better, to make their own future full of expectation. So, if you choose to start the project, naturally need to pay attention to the trap. And here, Xiaobian remind entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial options must pay attention to the purpose of the three types of entrepreneurial trap. So, what kind of entrepreneurial projects should pay attention to three types of entrepreneurial trap?

, according to incomplete statistics, the entrepreneurial success rate is only 2%-3%, while the business failure rate as high as 70% or more, in the field of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, 100 percent off yuan per delivery, 300% of the profit space, sit at home and make millions of years…… This kind of gimmick to start looking for a project, It is often seen., beware of entrepreneurial trap, first, security experts warned that, without mature technology projects second, high return projects can not be trusted, third, the project investment is too small is a hoax.

trap 1: technology immature venture project unsecured

typical projects: drug cultivation, nano invisible pen, music whistle sugar, cultural moon cake

under the guise of high-tech, but actually selling cabbage type of goods, which is described as the current market is filled with a lot of technical content of entrepreneurial projects. In fact, these projects are only to the original process, the technology put on the cloak of science and technology, the name will be replaced by the new technology to the image of the image, to deceive some entrepreneurs.

is more popular than the previous recycled plastics project, claiming that the need to add some common items, you can produce recycled plastics, compared with the previous technical cost reduced by 50%. But in fact, insiders pointed out that the so-called new technologies early in the last century in 80s has already appeared and was later eliminated, because the additive in the production process, easy to plug the injection molding machine, injection molding machine after some investors confirmed that blocking phenomenon is always prone to the project technology.

there are also a number of planting projects, in particular, need to remind farmers to pay attention to friends. Cordyceps sinensis, for example, it was claimed that its planting regardless of soil, suitable for the north and south, everyone can grow. But in fact, this technology is still in the experimental stage, is not yet mature. The success of the cultivation of Cordyceps militaris, something like cordyceps.

launched these entrepreneurial projects are mainly in order to cheat equipment costs, technical training fees, data fees, etc., to deceive the layman. So for some investors in daily life is not the industry, must be to find a specialist familiar the situation before investing, this kind of industries including agriculture, education, environmental protection, chemical industry, building materials, household appliances, wall art, cosmetics etc..

trap 2: high return projects not credible "

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