Curtain cloth shop window design tips to help you profit

Now we live in

, home textile products, a lot of demand, on the market at the same time, some textile shop business has become very hot, want to be successful on the textile shop, operating textile business, in fact, a personalized window design is very important.

the curtain cloth shop join window design should consider the product characteristics and customer perspective, highlighting the characteristics of goods and let customers easily experience the charm. Theme design or from the emotion, or from thinking into the problem, to the customer thinking, association, and then make the customer to enjoy the United states. Window display to convey the idea of the store, not only allows customers to see the curtain fabric store internal environment can stimulate customer interest through sensory experience. The height of the window design should be centered on the adult’s head position, facing the most pedestrian street or the busiest side. To attract more consumer attention.

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