As the stock market of Wuxi sixty elderly malicious overdraft 97 yuan

stock market risk, the majority of investors in the stock market must be rational, must not blind investment, leading to their capital! Not to Mr. Zhao, the sixty year following the same, forgery proof of income of malicious overdraft stocks, resulting in only a growing deficit, the final "fortune" sent to jail!

Wuxi 16 for the elderly to fry stocks, futures, through false income proof, in a number of silver handled a number of credit cards, malicious overdraft of more than 97 yuan. The day before, Binhu District of Wuxi city procuratorate on suspicion of credit card fraud suspect Zhao arrest.

years ago, Zhao had been speculation stocks, futures loss of several hundred thousand dollars. Gradually grew old, Zhao to get loans from banks, and no money back, moving from the crooked brains, from April 2010 to October 2011, he forged through a Wuxi materials Recycling Ltd issued proof of income, has been in the major banks for multiple credit cards for cash, stocks, speculation futures and debt and consumption.

for credit card overdraft repayment, Zhao Mouze used his credit card overdraft method return part and then rob Peter to pay Paul, malicious overdraft. In November 2014, the Bank of Zhao overdraft overdue repayment term also repeated reminders, then dragged zhao. To March of this year, Zhao above credit card accumulated arrears reached 97 yuan. After the bank report, Zhao surrendered to the public security organs.

face the fact that a number of banks cheated, the bank in the screening of customer information, should intensify efforts to take effective programs to identify, in order to reduce their losses. The majority of investors in the stock market, to reason it, you can do more!

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