Chen ou entrepreneurship as early as possible has a young and handsome CEO, that is Chen ou, Chen Ou is probably best 80 force in entrepreneurship, if you want to start, if you want to understand the business, then look at how Chen Ou entrepreneurship, listen to his advice.

Chen Ou entrepreneurial quotations

the choice of entrepreneurship is to follow your heart, when you feel that some things should now start to do, do not think too much.

I encourage you to find a willing to bet on the youth thing, find a willing to bet on the youth. If there is no oil, and now have time; if you do not refuel, then you can only be a few years to commemorate the passing of your youth.

my business is not as much as the media coverage, I am a lot of people, like to put the idea into practice. Entrepreneurship is to boil out. I never thought it would be so hard to start a business.

ultimately determines whether a person is successful or not. China has a lot of entrepreneurs, they do not have a very good education, but they have the tenacity and perseverance, have the determination to change the world, determines their success.

I think the real failure is to give up. The society is much more tolerant than before, so don’t be afraid of failure.

22 year old entrepreneurs, 29 year old Ron den Forbes entrepreneur list, the age of 31 to become the NYSE listed Chinese company’s youngest CEO…… CEO Chen Ou is a after 80, but has been a veteran of the battlefield veterans. He was in his hometown of Sichuan, Chengdu loudly called on young people to start a business. He said, "if you can’t convince yourself today, step out of the business, it’s a betrayal of your life. All entrepreneurs, brave to take this step, soon as boundless as the sea and sky." For entrepreneurship, Chen Ou has a unique perception. As a founding member of China ·, a New Youth Action Group, in May 5th, Chen ou and entrepreneurs to share his entrepreneurial experience.

talk about changing

prefers the life after the turning point

Chen ou think his life is relatively smooth, but he prefers the life after the transition. The first venture is the turning point of my life, if not its online gaming platform GG-Game at the age of 22, if I choose a path for a safe job, may be back to life, but also do not go on the road of entrepreneurship. My purpose is to change the future."

determined to change the future of Chen Ou changed history. Later Chen ou feel and the company is not in tune, sold the GG-Game. Then he went to the Stanford University to pursue a MBA degree, recommended

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