Bi Jianjun Grassroots entrepreneurial wedding companies to win

a lot of people believe that entrepreneurship is a rich thing to do. Is this really the case? Presumably not absolute, many grassroots entrepreneurs are also very successful. Today to tell the hero is a grassroots entrepreneurs. "Entrepreneurship, let me enjoy the endless fun, make my life more colorful." Bi Jianjun in an interview with reporters, said with emotion.

Bi Jianjun was born in Qinshui County, a remote village. He studied hard in high school, was the top student in the class. In 2000, he won the Shanxi agricultural university admission notice with excellent results, but because of family poverty and drop out, which makes his heart full of pain.


, Bi Jianjun applied to a travel agency, started a tour guide. At that time, the hotel waiter wages are 300 yuan, while the tour guide is only $80 base salary. Even so, I still love this occupation, because the guide can broaden their horizons, learn more knowledge of society."

Bi Jianjun says. In order to adapt to the work as soon as possible, he humbly ask his colleagues a variety of skills, buy books seriously study business knowledge. For more than a year, he grew into an excellent tour guide. While Bi Jianjun was doing well in the travel agency, and a client casual conversation that he has a new plan: "are you busy, is at best working group, where there is good work for yourself! Although it is difficult to start a business, but also full of happiness."

listen to the customer’s words, he ignited the entrepreneurial passion. Careful Bi Jianjun found that at that time to do business celebrations in Jincheng, wedding services rarely, and most of the scale. This is not a very good business opportunities? So he resigned from the travel agency, to Beijing, Tianjin and other large cities of the wedding company to work, carefully figured out the trick.

2005, the marketing planning, celebration activities and other aspects of the rich work experience, Bi Jianjun returned to Jincheng and founded the Fuxing ceremony and advertisement Engineering department. Think of "forever for customers, everything to do, do fine, do." At the inaugural meeting of the company, Bi Jianjun himself and his staff made a request.

once, a woman hopes to be able to give birth to her grandmother at the wedding to kowtow thanksgiving. Bi Jianjun after that, the staff took many pictures specially arranged for the bear bitter hardships grandma, and produced a special background music. When the video playback at the wedding, the woman gave a thumbs up for the sincere and considerate service of Fuxing corporation.

from the Pacific Inn Hotel opened to the first golden lens international photography exhibition, planning from the traditional style to the wedding wedding ceremony, Fuxing company with quality service, the business more prosperous. "Whenever a Bibi business is done, he has a sense of accomplishment, the heart is full of happiness." Bi Jianjun proudly

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