A little creativity can help the store better return

in order to allow the operation of the store can be improved, many operators are constantly exploring the development strategy of the store. At present, some retailers always want to retain customers through a variety of promotional activities. However, a variety of promotional activities may be able to attract the attention of customers, but in terms of retaining customers, may not be able to achieve significant results. Here, I tell you, sometimes seems to be a little creative, but can get twice the result with half the effort, we should pay attention to play the role of small creative, so that a small idea to retain the customer heart, win big harvest.

children’s transit station

do business, do a good job is the key to popularity. So, to open in a residential area near the shop, anyway, shop, people can not leave, let the home after school doors locked children to your store waiting for a moment, such as working parents back directly to your shop to pick up the kids, let your shop become they pick up the kids "station". Thanks to these residents at the same time, perhaps most of them will take care of your business, which is not a win-win thing!

workers’ charging station

to open shop in the factory next to the business people, because the factory workers too much, and most of the workers are riding the electric car to work, sometimes electric vehicles will not power, as in the factory beside the shop business, will be a little creative, let the power is not enough or no electricity in electric vehicle your shop free of charge, let your shop workers become "free electric vehicle charging station" and storage. One can imagine that you may be able to retain more customers, it may be more than a harvest! Why not do it!

baby’s distant car

for the children’s mother, child shopping but headache, in store shopping is more difficult, as your mother, may also have deep experience and feelings, so that you may put some honey in the shop door shook his car, to attract children to. To win this part of the customer base, it can attract more consumers, establish a good reputation, let this little creativity to solve these problems with the mother of the child into the store shopping, you said right!

these seem to be some small ideas, perhaps some people did not expect, perhaps some people may think, but did not cause enough attention. Here, I tell you: Creative unlimited, unlimited harvest! Want to know now the size of shops and supermarkets around the corner of every corner of the street, the competition is fierce, lose a customer, it is possible to lose part of the consumer groups.

although the promotion is indeed able to promote the development of a shop business, but also in the store

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