Clothing industry disputes big brands will bring great benefits

now the quality of life continues to demand a series of changes, but also requires the pursuit of the clothing brand, which is not only a requirement for the product itself, but also for the improvement of the quality of life. China’s clothing industry really has the concept of brand, from the 90s of last century, even so, we have been at least 80 years later than the western countries. As one of the three major domestic apparel base, Fujian clothing originated in the late 80s, after 20 years of development, Quanzhou has formed from spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing of garment production to a complete industrial chain and a large number of industrial clusters. Quanzhou has more than 8 thousand textile and garment manufacturing enterprises, employing about 500 thousand people, the annual output value of over one hundred billion yuan, accounting for the country’s total output of 10%.

challenges the industry to follow suit

however, accompanied by Fujian men’s section of the strong rise in domestic apparel industry, the trend of the phenomenon is more and more serious. Entered in 2011, Fujian sent men face the challenge of brand hollowing and product homogeneity is growing, the brand value of the performance of the increasingly fragile.

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