2016 in the first half of the employment situation in Henan which highlights

China’s huge population base, the employment problem has always been a topic of concern to the whole society. In recent years, with the rapid economic development, the rise of the Internet industry in the market, directly led to the employment of many people. August 9th, the Provincial Department of human resources and social security issued in the first half of 2016, Henan employment situation analysis report. The report shows that in the first half, the province’s employment situation is generally stable, the main indicators of employment better than expected. So, the 2016 half of the employment situation in Henan what are the highlights? The following and small series of specific understanding.

main employment indicators exceeded

1 to June, the province’s urban employment 731 thousand and 500 people, the annual task of 73.15%; re employment 250 thousand and 700 people, employment difficulties in employment of 86 thousand and 800 people, respectively, to complete the annual task of 71.63%, 72.33%.

above data show that in the first half, the province’s employment situation and economic situation in line with the main employment indicators completed more than 70%." Deputy director of the office of Liu Peifeng of Department of employment promotion agency, the province benefited from the fundamentals of the economy remain stable, continuously nurture positive factor accumulation, the first half of the province’s GDP growth of 8%, plays a strong role in stimulating and promoting the employment.

from the three industry to absorb employment situation, the third industry to further enhance the ability to absorb employment. The first 6 months, the province’s new urban employment of 731 thousand and 500 people, there are 509 thousand and 100 people in the employment of the third industry, accounting for up to 69.6%.

new economy, the development of new formats for all types of employment groups to provide more employment opportunities. In the first half, the province’s newly registered enterprises 474 thousand and 800, an increase of 17.4%, of which individual industrial and commercial households, an increase of 13.6%, driven by employment of about 2300000 people. The province’s entrepreneurial atmosphere is growing, the role of entrepreneurship driven employment is gradually emerging.

rural migrant workers return home to increase

at the end of June, the province’s new rural labor employment 530 thousand people, carry out the training of migrant workers 390 thousand people, respectively, completed 88.33% of the annual target, 65%. At present, the province’s rural labor transfer employment of 28 million 670 thousand people, including the province’s transfer of 17 million people, accounting for 59.3%; the province transferred to the people of the province, accounting for 40.7%, the local employment of rural labor in the near future showed a sustained growth trend.

in the first half, the province has 478 thousand rural labor employment in the province, accounting for about 90.2% of the total number of new jobs. Among them, the first industry, the second industry, the third industry workers were 71 thousand and 700, respectively, recommended by the 19

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