After 80 vegetable chain stores to open up a lot of money

now 80 generally Pentium III, everyone wants to have a career, does not work well, think of go this route of entrepreneurship. Graduated more than a year ago, Guo Gaolin from a university graduate without any one, to boldly founded their own vegetable supermarket chain, now has 4 chain stores, good income. Let’s take a look at his entrepreneurial story.

"80" Guo Gaolin, is the human resource management graduates of the 2007 Management Institute of Henan Province Institute of education.

"Liantan" although only minor, but in the process, Guo Gaolin learned the basic operating skills.

2007 in August 22nd, registered in the name of Guo Gaolin, our in the vegetable shop in Zhengzhou City, the official opening of the village of Ma Li.

opened four stores

have their own shops, Guo Gaolin and friends began to get busy. But in the face of reality, they still encountered a lot of difficulties.

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