Four suggestions for Chengdu children’s room decoration design

in the concept of caring for the healthy growth of children now parents in the children’s daily necessities will give the best conditions. How to give children a good growth environment has become a required course, the parents of the children room decoration will directly affect the growth of children, should not be underestimated. So, children’s room decoration should pay attention to what?

1. decoration selection

children’s room decoration materials must choose superior A and other materials, but also pay attention to check the quality of the product reports, labels, certification and environmental labeling. At the same time, chemical products containing toxic substances, so in the decoration of the children’s room, the paint can not be as far as possible not to use, must be used to ensure ventilation before entering. Generally recommended paper based wallpaper, although the degree of paper based wallpaper is less than other types, but its raw materials, environmental health, less additives, is the best choice for children to grow.

2. furniture placement and selection

children tend to move, so in the choice of furniture should pay attention to safety, furniture is best to use rounded corners, the room to avoid placing sharp sharp objects, try to improve the windowsill. In addition, many parents will choose is very suitable for children lovely furniture, but as children grow older, they become less suitable for furniture, in children room design, can not blindly go to choose a small furniture, and tend to be adjusted, ages of moderate furniture to choose, so on the one hand, children can keep up with the pace, the update speed on the other hand can also slow down the furniture, decoration cost saving.

Distribution of

3. living area

‘s real need to clear the region, study area decoration to the simple, help children concentrate and entertainment area decoration can be more lively, culture and creativity to establish cheerful personality of children.

4. pay attention to the child’s age

children’s room decoration can not only consider the child’s current life needs, but also to consider the future for a long time the child’s growth. Because the child’s growth rate is very fast, we should be envisaged in the decoration of the problem in advance. Especially for young children at the beginning of a child, the age is in a very delicate stage, providing a positive environment for the children will save a lot of trouble for their parents.

children’s room decoration? I believe this is a lot of parents have questions, want to build a better life for their children’s learning environment, in the children’s room decoration, will be from the choice of building materials decoration and regional layout to make reasonable arrangements, but also pay attention to the child’s age to rational planning of children’s room decoration to avoid late unnecessary trouble. < recommended

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