Happy Spring Festival

with the passage of time now, will soon usher in another new year, the new year, there will certainly be new opportunities, how to make money? The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea recount.

Nian what business? Open a new year gift consignment shop

A market analysis,

two, recommend:


open this store in the site should be selected in the relatively high traffic areas, such as residential areas, the rent here is relatively cheaper, of course, commercial street, large hospital nearby is also a good choice, but the rent will be relatively more expensive in these places, the door surface does not need too much, 20 square meters can, less investment, investment 18000 yuan is enough, rent control in the 3 months up to 4500 yuan, if you are a business people do not need to pay wages, gift decoration consignment stores about 1500 yuan, the purchase of equipment consignment goods frame 2000 yuan, usually can enter some sales the gift of 4000 yuan, apply for business licenses and other formalities, publicity, and 6000 yuan of liquidity. If all this is done, it will be open.

three, business advice:

> on the second,