College students how to operate Kuangzhuan can not lose

now University entrepreneurial team is getting bigger and bigger, a lot of people on the way to meet all kinds of bumpy road, some people earn, and some people have lost. "If you could go back in time for me to choose one, I prefer the first hit two years work in the enterprise, and accumulated some experience, have certain connections, and then out of business will be easier." Finally, Yang Qingchun to their own personal experience, to the majority of young entrepreneurs interested in their own advice.


see Yang Qingchun when the other students gas big boy shop is busy greeting guests. This is called "love oxygen bar," the shop, packed with the gift of choice of lovers, talking roses, lovers and a variety of pairs of kittens toys…… The novelty of the jewelry to attract the attention of the lovers, a lot of boys to see his girlfriend like, did not wait for his girlfriend on the position directly out of the wallet.

entrepreneurship stems from years of accumulation of

"do poineering work when the boss is always my dream. Although I did not have any work experience at the outset, but the University for four years I have been looking at the relevant aspects of entrepreneurship books, for the commercial district of Shijiazhuang has repeatedly field trips. To tell the truth, I never had the idea of looking for a job." See the reporter, Yang Qingchun stopped working in the hands, told reporters about his entrepreneurial experience.

and his father after a long talk, Yang Qingchun got his money? 200 thousand yuan?. His father’s support gave him great encouragement, in March 2005, Yang Qingchun’s "love oxygen bar" in the golden section of stone city road opened.

after suffering a gold shop

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