Government to promote the wave of entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurship

when China’s stock market into a quiet, another upsurge in the land of China is rapidly rising, that is "entrepreneurship". In the full swing of the government’s call, the era of entrepreneurship carnival.

crazy expansion of Internet business

1984 years, the vast land of China for the first time to open the door to the market economy, China’s first generation of entrepreneurs in the context of shortage of material through the river. In 1992, Deng Xiaoping’s southern tour speech firmly take the road of market economy confidence in the real estate market light gushing out.

1999, globalization has become the dominant economy. After the ebb tide of the Internet, Ding Lei became the richest man in mainland China in 2003. Ma Yun, Ma Huateng, and others, such as, China has become a real entrepreneurial leader.

2014, Wu Xiaobo founded the company in Hangzhou. He said: not the majority of people are suitable for entrepreneurship, in fact, most people are not suitable for entrepreneurship." Even so, he still felt that this is the best time to start a business, might as well try.

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