Huayin Laoqiang Awards Gala singing fame

played well this year in the CCTV thirty years spring evening "Huayin laoqiang shouted" fame, Huayin laoqiang has recently been to Huayin City Award, the old artists get a bonus of 300 thousand yuan and certificate of honor.

The Spring Festival Gala on CCTV the year of monkey

it is reported that in February 15th Huayin City summarized recognition and implementation work meeting, Huayin city took 300 thousand yuan reward "Huayin laoqiang", and awarded the outstanding contribution award for "Huayin laoqiang", awarded honorary certificates for laoqiang artists. This award not only to improve old people’s life, but also lay the foundation for the future "Huayin laoqiang" new culture, to build the museum.

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