Clothing store decoration should pay attention to what

clothing store gradually mature, and constantly to provide consumers with a wealth of choice, but also to entrepreneurs to get rich opportunities. Many people want to open a clothing store, in order to make more money, you have to start from the store location and decoration, then the decoration of the clothing store should pay attention to what?

1, cashier settings and specific location

cash register may have some owners think it is not necessary, but I think even if there is a small shop cashier, cashier is not a simple table can be replaced. The cashier color also should pay attention to the best and store the color of walls and door or a combination of echo, the most stupid way is like the door (door is not color, font) cashier position, I think it should be put in the corner or do not account for the location of the best display area, but we must and the fitting room near.

2, fitting room settings and specific location

the color of the fitting room I suggest that it is best to be able to match the store and the color can be a little more prominent at the same time. The best fitting room inside can carefully arrange hooks must set up warm and convenient. The best location in the use of less than half of the dead space or not. Close to the checkout counter.

3, display props

about props, and some friends like to use regular props, and some like to make their own out. However, I found many friends doing things out is not very practical, this I suggest you observe a big props application store, not let you completely imitate others but you learn to read, they see such applications why any props, before use should think of it the actual application effect.

if you can not show the effect of the clothes. No matter how good props are garbage. Remember to choose the color and the whole store to match the color style. Can not be stereotyped use of a shape, but also can not simply do not have any modeling. For example, some stores are all positive did not hang a few paragraphs, and some are hanging on the customer side, he and the staff recommended. These can not be said to be wrong, but I feel it should be the best combination of the best, the atmosphere should be displayed in the store simple, atmospheric. Give a person the feeling of high-grade, the store should be personality, feeling out of talented men still remained in concealment so that customers feel the store with small things. Store, we should make full use of all the space, each corner, to play your various intelligence, so that every inch of space to play a certain role!

4, dead end processing

the problem may not be found or not. What is the dead angle?

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