WeChat sell fruit to make money

using WeChat to make money in the current society has become a trend, a variety of WeChat money case is constantly exposed, so that many investors believe that if you want to venture capital, may wish to use WeChat to profit. So, WeChat sell fruit to make money?


from the business circle of friends began to hot, WeChat + fruit seems to be a standard form of business, and the media reported WeChat also from time to time to sell fruit many successful cases, are at least earn more than million yuan, up to forty thousand or fifty thousand yuan.

so WeChat sell fruit really fly it?

products: Although high profits, difficult to make money

reporter interviewed more than the use of WeChat to sell fruit entrepreneurs, why would choose fruit, its important reason is the higher gross margin. According to reports, the gross profit margin of at least 30% of the fruit, up to 50%. But the industry also pointed out that, although the high gross profit, does not mean that the sale of fruit will be able to make money.

depends on the characteristics of WeChat to sell fruit in the end what is the fruit characteristics, or WeChat features, or a combination of the two characteristics, if there is no feature, the selling point is not prominent, it will not be profitable. After all, the fruit business is a public business, and people buy fruit is also very convenient, high price transparency, the lack of features is difficult to survive.

reporter learned that a team of WeChat to sell fruit in Nanjing, their products are very unique, specifically for customers to choose those rare or rare fruit on the market. Although the target customer is relatively narrow, but higher gross profit, subject to a number of white-collar workers, college students like.

Logistics: the last mile problem difficult to exceed

fruit is different from other commodities, for the logistics demanding: if delivery is not timely, not fresh fruit will decline, its value will be done; if the preservation measures, the distribution cost will be very high, greatly weakened the investor’s profit level; if someone orders delivery, when more than a certain amount is cost-effective otherwise, it will affect the profit; if their distribution, the profit margin is not reduced, but it is bound to affect the number of orders.

if the free distribution, investors are able to bear the high cost of distribution; if the charge, and whether the customer will agree to more than ten yuan fruit, pay a few dollars; rental warehouse, will increase the cost, especially the cost of preservation; no rental warehouse, how to better solve the problem of fruit timely delivery to customers……

100% of investors in the market has not been resolved on these issues. In this session, more than 9 of the investors are choosing the nearest

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