Small blackboard eraser to make big business

here Xiaobian said blackboard eraser, is not what we usually see, but the doping of the new content of science and technology. It is based on the vortex dust filter structure of aerodynamic design, it can automatically absorb dust and convenient clean overflow. This is a small product, but you can make a big career.

A, features:

1, at the same time to wipe the blackboard can absorb more than 95% of dust, effectively avoid the environmental pollution. 2, wiping surface using advanced pure wool felt (4), durable, wiping effect is significant, and easy to replace. 3, the shell is made of ABS engineering plastics, durable not shuaipo.

4, wipe, dust double function while ensuring a significant effect. 5, the replacement of the brush body, matching special charger and rechargeable batteries, reducing the cost of use. 6, the appearance of fashion, feel comfortable. 7, low noise (measuring 0.50 meters value: the load rotation noise below 60 decibels, the no-load rotation noise below 32 decibels.

two, market:

three, distribution conditions and benefit analysis:

upfront investment 6500 yuan, the first purchase of 480, the purchase price of 13 yuan / month. Suggested retail price of 50 yuan / market, sales of about $18000 gross profit of about $480.

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