Entrepreneur Jing Chai retreat for a year with the product to answer well done


from Jing Chai extremely low-key resignation from CCTV, 2015 after the Spring Festival to turn in a social media is "turn crazy" called "under the dome" haze investigation report, I see is a typical Internet era of successful entrepreneurs.

tells the Silicon Valley business environment humorous drama "Silicon Valley" in such a period, when the concept of entrepreneurial team leader Idea Pitch went on stage, everybody asked "why do this?" are not immune to this answer: "Make a better world" and all entrepreneurs whether true or false, regardless of a geek or a businessman, may heart has so little idealistic feelings, with products to change the world.

if the Internet entrepreneurs circle "Make a better world!" with a little bit of what is the symbol meaning of empty propaganda. The goddess of the wood products / works "under the dome" is really literally’s "Make a better world!" (which believe that no one oppose it?) so the author hypocritical and stubbornly venture from the startup perspective to interpret the goddess Chai as a solo venture.

needs to grasp

Internet entrepreneurs do not open around the product, the product does not open around demand. Don’t you see the startup CEO almost invariably is the principal product manager, or itself is the product of god. "Under the dome" needs to grasp, quasi? Quasi ah!

good direction: haze, this problem plagued people especially the imperial people for many years, even abruptly made in addition to a capacity of billions of air purifier industry. This seems to be the right direction, industry bullish, rising market capacity in the field of entrepreneurship, a huge space for the audience.

competing products: haze is not a matter of two days. About the depth of haze coverage, from CCAV to WeChat circle of friends are many. From the point of view of the product can not be said that a new product. But everyone on the one hand the haze handahansha teeth, a helpless. So a similar program (competing products) can be divided into: naive and ridiculous, and neither painful nor itching rumors pass rumors, a few kinds of Mandarin, profound obscure. This time if there is a product turned out, while his heart, while massage, subversion that absolute market. It can be said that under the dome to do, Jing Chai did, look at the quality of the program and the dissemination of social media data to know.

ultimate product

Internet circle the most popular "water" model "is how to create the ultimate product of" everyone can speak?. That is not all bad, this is a reason, why is this sentence is a rare truth ah, "to create the ultimate product for startup >

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