Jiangsu cultural industry has been incorporated into high tech enterprises

in our daily life, the cultural industry seems to be a more abstract concept, but the Jiangsu cultural industry has been incorporated into high-tech enterprises. November 11th, the province held the first meeting of the promotion of cultural industries, will be issued 5 copies of red paper, involving the 17 provincial institutions. Jiangsu province will take the lead in the culture industry in the high-tech enterprises that break the conventional culture of financial institutions set up appraisal management approach, the reality of the development of cultural enterprises to solve the problem, the release of the dividend policy, support hitherto unknown.

cultural enterprises into high-tech identified

Jiangsu Province cultural industry comprehensive development index ranks first in the country, in 2015 the province’s cultural industry added value of 348 billion 800 million yuan, accounting for GDP of the proportion of 4.97%, take shape pillar industries. By 2020, the province’s cultural industry to double the value of the proportion of GDP accounted for more than 6%, has become an important pillar industry. From the province to set up the city, the city’s cultural industry added value increased by more than 15%, becoming a new growth pole can not be ignored.

"in the field of culture, technological innovation is crucial to supply side structural reform and enterprise restructuring." Wang Bo, a postdoctoral researcher at the national cultural industry research center of Nanjing University, believes that policies and related laws play an extremely important role in the innovation of cultural industries. From the point of view of global development, the gradual refinement of cultural policy is the key element to ensure the healthy development of cultural industry.

has the most advanced fossil repair technology, R & D needs 2 million yuan of popular products, to the fair place rent do fossil science, Jiangsu fossil culture communication limited company general manager Wang Yu for funds for the site to worry. If the enterprise can be identified as high-tech enterprises, his problems will be solved.

of the Jiangsu Province issued "on promoting the twenty policy measures" integration of the development of science and technology, the enterprise culture into the high-tech enterprises that are recognized by the culture of science and technology enterprises, given the same high-tech enterprises according to the different stages of business start-up, growth, development and policy support. Such as to meet the conditions of the start-up enterprises, to enter the province of high-tech enterprises to cultivate the library, the warehousing enterprises, by the provincial, city and county level three to give financial incentives to not more than 3 years.

in August this year, Jiangsu Province issued "on accelerating the number of policy measures" industrial science and technology innovation center and the construction of innovative Province, referred to as the "forty", the implementation of this policy, the provincial capital and all kinds of funds within 3 years will be more than 100 billion yuan. Cultural science and technology enterprises are equally into the forty, in the tax, platform construction, government investment, talent introduction and other aspects of support.

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