Entrepreneurs believe in Feng Shui When you try to do something you can’t believe

: a business review, entrepreneurs talk about Feng Shui feel very strange. But this article is not as you imagine, how to through the conditioning of residential, office layout, Feng Shui, to achieve their own careers. But from another point of view to tell you that the original Feng Shui is not simply referring to the kind of Feng Shui you understand……

eighteen when nine year old Li Jiacheng heard people say the richest businessmen very believe in Feng Shui, including Hong Kong and Taiwan and overseas Chinese are a lot of letters. But as the mainland people, but I do not agree. May be due to the reason of being brainwashed by materialism, all things can not see, can not touch all do not believe.

did not find out until after the start, do a company will often try to be powerless. But when you are restless incapable of action. In addition to choose not to "give up" the road, only the "pray". In a time because the "stick" and poise, gradually from the bottom of my heart that "three feet above the gods". Also gradually believe that Li Jiacheng should be true Feng shui.

Taiwan electricity supplier Godfather Mr. He Yingqi is one of my company’s shareholders, but also one of the most important mentor I venture. He has set up in Taiwan, Ubid and Monday two companies, and later sold to the United States to the high price of the famous Internet giant. Ubid was sold to eBay in 2002 for $9 million 500 thousand, while Monday sold it to YAHOO in Taiwan in 1 billion 800 million NT dollars in 2008. After the financial freedom, he became the top investor in Taiwan. He has a very famous Theory: entrepreneurship is two by effort, eight by destiny. It sounds like a funny, funny language in the early days of gravity waves. But the real record industry, and experienced many frustrations, can understand.

Ma Yun said innovation, reform are forced out. In my opinion letters do not believe in fate, believe in Feng Shui, is forced out of the. If you don’t believe it, it can only mean that you’re not working hard enough.

First of all,

, Feng Shui is not luck

yes, I’m afraid this article was accused of "Zhuangshennonggui" or "idealism". You think I was afraid that Feng Shui, destiny is your understanding of luck. Prior to the media interviewed Mr. He Yingqi, in fact, his interpretation of the "Feng Shui" and "luck" is very objective.

for example, you spend two dollars to buy lottery tickets, second days a fancy 5 million, then this is luck. There is a day into the lottery, and spent money to buy lottery tickets, lottery is not, this is the destiny. Of course, does not rule out a lot of research and investment through the lottery jackpot repeatedly, which can also be understood as destiny.

and I said, "Feng Shui" is the external factors influence your destiny.

secondly, the foundation of entrepreneurship "Feng Shui"

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