What are the methods of online inventory

with the Internet into people’s lives, many entrepreneurs focus on the Internet, there many methods of online business, so how online what entrepreneurial opportunities, today Xiaobian to inventory, a new look at what the most entrepreneurial approach.

online recently in the way to make money:

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online new tricks: "the online sale of work."

specific meaning: you all know work in a network? It is not the employer who sends a job advertisement, but the job seeker who sends the advertisement.

feasible reasons: more and more people are engaged in network work, sometimes it is difficult to find a job and is time-consuming. If others can help you find a job, it is not very good? In particular, you just happen to know that someone needs a website or logo design. Source of income: the commission charged by the transaction, or monthly demand information or contact information costs.

online recently in the way to make money: community consultation

online new tricks: "YAHOO chief in charge."

specific meaning: webmaster payment and get expert advice from the community website for advice.

trading principle: webmaster to pay gold (or other currency — what Jing Bo, then published note) with its own website screenshot of the article, with the hope of achieving the goal of. Community consultants advise and collect gold. Gold coins can be cashed or used to ask questions.

feasible reasons: views and suggestions for improving your website is very important. This approach allows you to avoid paying someone a huge consulting fee, you only need to pay a small fee for the team. Long term will increase your value.

source of income: the webmaster to buy coins. For example, the community to submit the site to provide consulting services need 25 gold coins, you can collect 5 gold coins, the remaining 20 gold coins to those who provide consulting services.

online recently in the way to make money online debate:

online new tricks: "the debate on Wikipedia."

specific meaning: the debate with each forum and website. They are almost out of control, and lack of discipline, no depth, not hard enough. A well managed debate website will have a market. Recently I saw a similar site is Squidoo HeyMonkeyBrain, but I think there should be room to play.


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