Men’s beauty has become hot men’s health club good fortune

in today’s society, men have to bear the pressure is far greater than women, so women in one seeking beauty and health at the same time, men’s beauty is also popular up, now open a men’s health center, will Business Flourishes, to get rich.

: investment income

a professional men’s health center as an example, the main service here to skin care, foot massage, scraping, massage, acne, freckle, SPA spa etc.. Every service between 10-20 yuan, 288 yuan for the full service, a beauty card only 160 yuan, can be used repeatedly in this month. This health club invested about 100 thousand yuan, including the handling of documents, decoration, equipment, raw materials and other costs. Since the date of the opening, the monthly turnover of 60 thousand -7 million, excluding store monthly rent, monthly net profit of about $10 thousand.

Investment advice:

1. store is located in the convenient transportation of the urban area, the market position to be clear, the target customer to the success of white-collar men. And the men’s beauty is just emerging, men’s beauty group less than MS, market is still in the cultivation stage, there is a certain risk, but the potential consumer groups is very large, as long as the guide the operation well, investment returns are good.


2. operator to grasp the psychology of men’s beauty, men love to a fixed place, and they of beauty is also very high, if the service is not careful, very difficult to repeat, in addition to understand the difference between man and woman beauty, coarse pores, sebum secretion, so we need to keep the skin clean. In short to work on the service.

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