Three stages of wage earners

wage earners is not an overnight thing, so for our wage earners, entrepreneurs need the following three stages. As long as you come from these stages, you slowly to the right track of entrepreneurship.

The first stage:

1, as far as possible to large institutions to service large enterprises. Because of their wide tentacles, a wide range of relationships, you can build a larger stage, stepped on the shoulders of giants.

2, you have to use this period of salaried workers, to pay to learn a certain professional skills. Be sure to take advantage of their spare time to participate in learning, learning a professional investment, not only to learn a diploma, it does not work, while taking the time to work, we must learn your professional investment, the more specialized, more refined, the better. Once you want to quit your job, you can’t learn. Because you do not have money, mentality and anxious, you can not learn to learn. You want to make the best use of the salaried class, paid to learn specialized, refined skills.

3, the use of your working-class convenience, to a wide range of interpersonal relationships. Because he is your future wealth.

what kind of project, how to option? Several principles:

1, do not cook for health. Be sure to choose a project that is related to your skills, to be connected with your relationships, and to be familiar with the project.

2, do not do short long. What is to do long not short, you should use your strengths rather than do your weaknesses.

What is the name of what is called

second ways to buy a ready-made system. Is to buy a 1%. What to buy a ready-made system.

> third routes, plus

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