Qin Zhen rice dough how investment

open a strength of the dough project you must not Miss Qin Zhen rice dough, Qin Zhen rice dough is the most famous Shaanxi a special delicacy. Selection of high-quality rice, the use of exquisite production process made, widely loved by consumers, but also attracted the attention of many investors. Many investors see the brand, want to join the Qin Zhen rice dough, want to know how to join the Qin Zhen rice dough? Please look at the following Xiaobian introduction!

How about the

investment Qin town of rice dough?

Qin Town rice dough making method originated in Shaanxi Qin Town, its flavor by a master of natural spices seasoning and making careful study of master palace, a bowl of spicy ribs thin and delicate, smooth, fragrant and delicious peerless Qin Zhen rice dough was born. Over time, the Qin town of several generations of hard business, the rice dough has been spread to the Qin town now known by consumers. Qin Zhen rice noodles with aromatic gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind and irresistible charm to become a thriving catering industry.

joined the Qin Zhen rice dough, franchisees need to pay a franchise fee headquarters. Join gold include: Join fee, margin and brand management fee. As long as the contract does not violate the agreement, after the end of the contract, the headquarters will be fully refunded to the franchisee. In addition to gold, have on the shop rent, renovation costs, personnel costs, fuel costs, fees, seasoning products, preliminary estimates, join the Qin Zhen rice dough, invested 1-5 million. According to statistics, Qin Zhen rice dough net profit of up to 30%-40%.

Qin Zhen rice dough to how much money? See above, I believe you already know the answer to that question! Qin Zhen rice dough, after years of development, a good reputation in the industry, has accumulated a wide range of consumer groups. Join the Qin Zhen rice dough, the headquarters will provide you free shop, business plan, and will be hand in hand for you to teach technology package you learn. Such a low-risk, high-yield money making projects, what are you waiting for?

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